Asmodee Demo Announcement

Dear Retailer,

Demo games are a fantastic tool to introduce new customers to great games by giving them a memorable in-store experience. The Asmodee North America Demo Game Program has played a vital role in supporting brick-and-mortar stores who run demos in their stores. Alliance is proud to work with Asmodee North America to continue to support retailers with this new demo game program!

How the Demo Program Works:

• Brick-and-mortar Flagship and General Accounts can purchase demo game copies of core games at 75% off of MSRP
• Demo game purchases are limited to one copy of each title per store location

How to participate:

• Contact your ANA Specialist to begin placing preorders for demo games now.  These will ship in December
• Demo game orders can be added to your regular Alliance restock order

The program will launch with select core games from each of Asmodee North America’s studios. Below is a list of the demo games currently available for preorder:

Code Title Net Price
ASM ASMD01 Timeline: Inventions $3.75
ASM ASMD04 The Werewolves of Millers’ Hollow $3.25
ASM BOMD01 Takenoko $12.50
ASM LIBD01 Mysterium  $12.50
ASM LIBD02 Dixit $8.75
ASM MATD01 Captain Sonar  $12.50
ASM REPD01 7 Wonders Duel  $7.50
ASM REPD02 7 Wonders  $12.50
ASM REPD03 When I Dream $10.00
ASM SPCD01 Splendor  $10.00
ASM SPD01 Spot It  $3.25
ASM SPD02 Spot It: Jr Animals  $2.50
CSI CSID01 Catan $12.25
DOW DOWD02 Memoir ‘44 $15.00
DOW DOWD03 Small World $12.50
DOW DOWD04 Ticket to Ride $12.50
DOW DOWD05 Ticket to Ride: Rails & Sails  $20.00
FFG FFGD01 A Game of Thrones Board Game: 2nd Edition $14.99
FFG FFGD08 Lord of the Rings: Journey to Mordor  $3.24
FFG FFGD11 Runewars: Miniatures Game  $24.99
PHG PHGD01 Dead of Winter  $14.99
PHG PHGD02 Dead of Winter: The Long Night  $14.99
ZMG ZMGD01 Carcassonne  $8.75
ZMG ZMGD03 Citadels  $7.50
ZMG ZMGD05 Pandemic  $10.00
ZMG ZMGD06 Pandemic: The Cure $12.50

Asmodee North America is committed to adding more core titles and new releases over time, so please give your feedback to your ANA Specialist. Let them know any games you would like to see available for demo in your store.

Asmodee North America and Alliance Game Distributors are working to ensure that games on the demo list are in-stock for retailers on a regular basis. Speak with your ANA Specialist to help you select demo titles to run in your store. We want to work together to ensure you have the resources to grow different Asmodee North America lines successfully.

Thank you for your help in actively contributing to the growth of the board game community. We trust demos of these titles will help continue that trend and maintain a lively and exciting industry!

Get in touch with an Alliance ANA Specialist at 651-571-2600