A coveted seat on King Tritus' Royal Council has become available and you - a loyal servant of the realm - are the perfect person to take it over. Just think of all the power and prestige such a position would bring! But, what’s this? Other would-be royal councilors are also competing for the king's favor? It would appear the only way to take your rightful seat on the Council will be to build the best province you possibly can. It’s a good thing that the king’s advisors are easily influenced...

In Kingsburg, you must influence the King's advisors and the royal family, itself, to gain the resources you need to build structures, improve your province, and defend it from ruthless invaders. To prosper, you must outmaneuver your rival governors to gain the king's favor. Only one governor will ascend to the Royal Council, so gather your resources, construct your buildings, and prepare your province - the future of Kingsburg is in your hands!

This updated edition of Kingsburg features all the modules from the To Forge a Realm expansion, as well as the brand-new 'Alternate Advisor Rewards' module, which adds more options for developing your province.



SRP: $59.99