2017 Brettspiel Advent Calendar for Gamers Promotion!

24 Mini-Expansions for 24 Games for 24 Days!

After a brief, unscheduled visit with the good folks at the US Customs and Border Patrol in Chicago, this year’s Brettspiel Advent Calendar has arrived just in time for the Holidays!

2017 Brettspiel Advent Calendar Promotion

Purchase two (2) copies of the 2017 Brettspiel Advent Calendar, and receive one (1) copy of the 2016 Advent Calendar - FREE!


The full list of expansions for the 2017 Brettspiel Advent Calendar in alphabetical order

51st State - Portal Games
A Column of Fire - Thames & Kosmos
Alexandria - Ludicreations
Cacao - Z-Man Games
Chimera Station - TMG
Clank! - Renegade Game Studios
Cottage Garden - Stronghold Games
Flamme Rouge - Stronghold Games
Flick Em Up - Pretzel Games
Gentes - Spielworxx
GLX - Queen Games
Guilds of London - TMG
Iquaz - HABA
Magic Maze - SitDown Games
Mistfall - NSKN
Mysterium - Libellud
No Thanks! - Mayfair
Nomads - Ludonaute
Rajas of the Ganges - R&R Games
Riga - OSTIA Spiele
Snowdonia - Surprised Stare Games
Splendor - Space Cowboys
The Castles of Burgundy - Alea
The King's Will - Blackfire
The Lost Expedition - Osprey Games

The 2017 Brettspiel Advent Calendar comes in a shelf-friendly size with a 25th slot hidden in the back! Each window features a mini-expansion for a popular game, complete with rules for how to incorporate the expansion into your play. All expansions are timeless, and can serve as a fun and exciting addition to your routine gameplay during the holidays and all season long!

The full list of expansions for the 2016 Brettspiel Advent Calendar in alphabetical order

Arcadia Quest - CMON
Arkwright - Capstone Games
Broom Service - Ravensburger
Bohemian Village - Tasty Minstrel
Cacao Chocolatl - Z-Man
Camel Up Cards - Z-Man
Crisis - Frosted Games
Gold West - Tasty Minstrel
Guilds of London - Tasty Minstrel
Hansa Teutonica - Passport Game Studios
Imhotep - Thames & Kosmos
Istanbul - Alderac Entertainment Group
Karuba - HABA
King of Tokyo/New York - IELLO
Mysterium - Asmodee
Panic Lab - Gigmic
Portal of Heroes - Mayfair Games
Quadropolis - Days of Wonder
Robinson Crusoe - Portal
Saboteur - Mayfair Games
Tallinn - OSTIA Spiele
The Oracle of Delphi - Tasty Minstrel
West of Africa - ADC Blackfire Entertainment
Zooloretto - Z-Man Games