Battle for Rokugan

Rokugan is a land filled with spirits, beauty, and strife. Seven great clans inhabit this diverse realm, ever loyal to the Emperor, but ever fighting for dominance among themselves. As they battle for supremacy, the daimyos who lead their people must use all their cunning and skill to gather information, anticipate their opponent's actions, and lay battle plans that will lead them to victory. Only one can prove themselves worthy enough to become the true voice of this land and usher Rokugan into an age of prosperity.

Battle for Rokugan puts two to five players in the roles of Rokugani daimyo fighting for territory in the early days of the Emerald Empire. The beautifully illustrated game board transports players to this new world that is ripe for the taking.

The land of Rokugan is divided into territories that belong to each of the seven honorable clans: Crab, Crane, Dragon, Phoenix, Lion, Scorpion, and Unicorn, that have been battling for dominance since their foundation by the Kami. Past the safety of these provinces' walls lay several unclaimed territories, including the mysterious Shadowlands that beckon to those who desire power no matter the cost. The players' ultimate goal is to conquer as many of Rokugan's provinces as possible to gain honor for their clan and prove that their people are truly superior, and the only clan fit to guide the Empire.

Each territory contains provinces that serve as battlegrounds for the daimyo. With each province claimed in the name of their clan, the daimyo gain honor that will be weighed against that of their rivals at the end of five rounds of play.

Should these leaders claim all the provinces within a territory, they also gain special abilities that can be used to either bolster their clan's strength or sabotage their enemies' plans. By taking control of these territories, the clan leaders of Rokugan hope to prove their clan's superiority and bring the Emperor's favor to their people.

Plan your conquest, outwit your rivals, bring honor to your people, and claim Rokugan in the name of your clan in Battle for Rokugan!

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Battle for Rokugan


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