Asmodee North America Weekly New Releases

Listed below are the new releases shipping to stores soon. It is important that stores do not sell this product prior to the designated in-store date. 

Date: March 22nd

New Releases

FFG AHC17 Arkham Horror: Dim Carcosa $14.95

FFG SWL01 Star Wars Legion: Core Set $89.95

FFG SWL02 Star Wars Legion: Dice Pack $14.95

FFG SWL03 Star Wars Legion: Movement Tools & Range Ruler $14.95

FFG SWL04 Star Wars Legion: AT-RT $24.95

FFG SWL05 Star Wars Legion: Rebel Troopers $24.95

FFG SWL06 Star Wars Legion: Speeder Bikes $24.95

FFG SWL07 Star Wars Legion: Stormtroopers $24.95

FFG SWL08 Star Wars Legion: AT-ST $49.95

FFG SWL09 Star Wars Legion: Airspeeder $29.95 

Date: March 29th

New Releases

ASM SHEH04 Sherlock Holmes: Carlton House & Queen's Park $49.99

FFG GT30 A Game of Thrones LCG: The Sandsof Dorne $29.95

FFG SWA47 Star Wars Age of Rebellion: Fully Operational $29.95

PHG PH1700 Crystal Clans: Master Set $39.95


Date: March 15th

New Releases

No new releases.