Asmodee North America Weekly Release & Restock List

Listed below are the new releases and restocks shipping to stores soon. It is important that stores do not sell the new releases before the designated in-store date. 

Date: October 19th

New Releases

ASM CON22 Conan: Khitai Expansion $59.99
ASM MYST03 Mysterium: Secrets & Lies $29.99
DOW DO7215 Ticket to Ride: Germany $49.99


FFG AHC01 Arkham Horror: The Card Game $39.95
FFG SL05 Elder Sign $34.95
FFG SWX01 Star Wars: X-Wing $39.95
ZMG ZM7811 Carcassonne Expansion 1: Inns & Cathedrals $17.99

Date: October 26th

New Releases

FFG AHC12  Arkham Horror: Echoes of the Past    $14.95
FFG GT29    A Game of Thrones LCG: House of Thorns     $29.95
ASM JCA02    Jamaica: The Crew    $24.99
ASM KHR03    Kharnage: Tricks and Mercenaries    $19.99
ASM LUM02    Nomads    $29.99
FFG RWM20    Runewars: Crossbowmen     $24.95
FFG RWM21    Runewars: Death Knights $24.95
FFG SWX73    Star Wars: X-Wing Guns for Hire     $29.95
ZMG ZM7172     Pandemic: Legacy Season 2 (Black Edition)    $79.99
ZMG ZM7173     Pandemic: Legacy Season 2 (Yellow Edition)     $79.99
ZMG ZM7856     Carcassonne Big Box 2017    $79.99


ASM KHR02     Kharnage: The Dark Rampage    $14.99
ASM MASC01   Mascarade     $24.99

Date: October 12th

New Releases

PHG PH1002 Dead of Winter: Warring Colonies $34.95

PHG PH1205 Ashes: The Law of Lions $24.95

PHG PH1206 Ashes: The Song of Soaksend $24.95

PHG PH2000 Raxxon $39.95

FFG SWF40 Star Wars: Force and Destiny: Ghosts of Dathomir $29.95

FFG SWI46 Star Wars: Imperial Assault: Heart of the Empire (Net) $32.47

FFG SWI47 Star Wars: Imperial Assault: Maul (Net) $5.41

FFG SWI48 Star Wars: Imperial Assault: Emperor Palpatine (Net) $5.41

FFG SWI49 Star Wars: Imperial Assault: Ahsoka Tano (Net) $5.41

ZMG ZM004 Junggle $12.99

ZMG ZM007 SpyNet $19.99


FFG AHC03 Arkham Horror LCG: The Miskatonic Museum $14.95

FFG AHC06 Arkham Horror LCG: Undimensioned and Unseen $14.95

FFG AHC07 Arkham Horror LCG: Where Doom Awaits $14.95

FFG AHC08 Arkham Horror LCG: Lost in Time and Space $14.95

FFG CE02 Cosmic Encounter: Cosmic Incursion $24.95

FFG CE04 Cosmic Encounter: Cosmic Alliance $24.95

FFG CI01 Sid Meier’s Civilization Board Game $59.95

FFG CI02 Civilization: Fame and Fortune $34.95

FFG CI03 Civilization: Wisdom & Warfare $34.95

FFG DJ44 Descent: The Chains that Rust $39.95

ASM MRJ03 Mr. Jack: Pocket $16.99

ASM MRJ04 Mr. Jack Revised Edition $39.99

ASM SHAK02 Shakespeare: Backstage $14.99

FFG SWA01 Star Wars: Age of Rebellion Beginner Game $29.95

FFG SWE04 Star Wars: Roleplaying Dice $14.95

FFG SWF41 Star Wars: Force and Destiny: Savage Spirits $29.95

FFG SWX04 Star Wars: X-Wing: Y-Wing $14.95

FFG SWX05 Star Wars: X-Wing: TIE Advanced $14.95

ZMG ZM7472 Tragedy Looper: Cosmic Evil $19.99

ZMG ZM7670 Beyond Baker Street $29.99

ZMG ZM7812 Carcassonne Exp 2: Traders & Builders $17.99