Asmodee North America Weekly New Releases

Listed below are the new releases shipping to stores soon. It is important that stores do not sell this product prior to the designated in-store date. 

Date: February 21st

New Releases

FFG SWL31 Star Wars: Legion - Jyn Erso Commander Expansion $12.95

FFG SWL32 Star Wars: Legion - Rebel Pathfinders Unit Expansion $24.95

ZMG ZM012 Miaui $24.99

Date: February 28th

New Releases

ASM RA01EN Ramen Fury $9.99

ASM SOL01 Solenia $44.99

FFG SWI61 Star Wars Imperial Assault: Skirmish Map - Coruscant Back Alleys $22.79

LKG LK0043 1830 (Revised Edition) $69.99

ZMG ZM7267 Stone Age: Anniversary Edition $79.99



Date: February 14th

New Releases

FFG SWL31 Layers $29.99

FFG L5C16 Legend of the Five Rings LCG: Children of the Empire Expansion $39.95

FFG SWZ20 Star Wars X-Wing: 2nd Edition - First Order Maneuver Dial Upgrade Kit $9.95

FFG SWZ21 Star Wars X-Wing: 2nd Edition - Resistance Maneuver Dial Upgrade Kit $9.95

LKG LK0100 Neom: Create the City of Tomorrow $49.99

PHG PH2301 Gen7: Breaking Point Expansion $39.95

ZMG ZA001 The Great City of Rome $39.99


Date: February 7th

New Releases

ASM BLK02 Blankdemic Expansion $5.99

ASM MWJW01 Journey: Wrath of Demons $99.99

ASM NLD04 Unlock! Countertop Display NLK10-12 Bundle (12) $179.88

ASM NLK10 Unlock! Night of the Boogeymen $14.99

ASM NLK11 Unlock! Scheherazade`s Last Tale $14.99

ASM NLK12 Unlock! Expedition: Challenger $14.99

ASM SUN01 Sunny Day $29.99

FFG GNS04 Genesys RPG: Shadow of the Beanstalk Hardcover $49.95

FFG MEC69 The Lord of the Rings LCG: The Ghost of Framsburg Adventure Pack $14.95

FFG NAD10 Android: Undercity Novella Hardcover $14.95

FFG UGNS07 Genesys RPG: Adversary Deck - Androids, Drones, and Synthetics $3.84

FFG UGNS08 Genesys RPG: Adversary Deck - Citizens of New Angeles $3.84

FFG UGNS09 Genesys RPG: Adversary Deck - Runners, Mercs, and Criminals $3.84

LKG LK0103 Caverna: The Cave Farmers - The Forgotten Folk Expansion $39.99

ZMG ZM017 Narabi $14.99

ZMG ZM7510 Dragon Farkle $29.99

Date: January 31st

New Releases

ASM BM01EN Black Mirror: Nosedive $19.99

FFG AHC29 Arkham Horror LCG: The Circle Undone Deluxe Expansion $29.95

ASM KTW01 K2 $39.99

PHG PH1801 Starship Saumrai: Shattered Alliances $29.95

ZMG ZM7692 A Feast for Odin: The Norwegians Expansion $39.99


Date: January 24th

New Releases

ASM BLS01 Blossoms

FFG FFS81 FFG Supply Plastic Stands

PHG PH2500 Comanauts

FFG SWL26 Rebel Specialists Personnel Expansion

FFG SWL27 Imperial Specialists Personnel Expansion

FFG SWL28 Premium Trooper Bases

FFG SWL29 Premium Large Bases