Asmodee North America Weekly New Releases


Listed below are the new releases shipping to stores soon. It is important that stores do not sell this product prior to the designated in-store date. 

Date: October 18th

New Releases

DOW DO8901 Deep Blue $49.99

ASM DRK01 Drako: Dragons and Dwarves $29.99

COL GIZ002 Gizmos 2nd Edition $39.99

PHG PH2800 Battlelands $14.95

COL SIF307 SIF: Builder Stone Thrower $29.99

COL SIF404 SIF: Thenn Warriors $29.99

COL SIF504 SIF: Bolton Blackguards $29.99

ASM STRM01 Street Masters $99.99

FFG SW05 Outer Rim Game Mat $29.95

FFG SWL44 Clone Wars Core Set $99.95

FFG SWL47 Phase 1 Clone Troopers Unit Expansion $24.95

FFG SWL49 B1 Battle Droids Unit Expansion $24.95

FFG SWL51 Upgrade Card Pack $9.95

FFG SWS48 Sullust Game Mat $39.95

FFG SWS49 Hoth Game Mat $39.95

FFG SWS50 Jakku Game Mat $39.95

FFG USWR16 SW RPG: Republic & Separatist 2 Adversary Deck $6.95


Date: October 25th

New Releases

FFG AHC38 Arkham Horror LCG: Murder at the Excelsior Hotel Scenario Pack $19.95

ASM FOF001 Flip Over Frog $14.99

COL GOW001 God of War: The Card Game $39.99

FFG L5C23 Legend of the Five Rings LCG: A Champion`s Foresight Dynasty Pack $14.95

ASM MCY01 Megacity: Oceania $54.99

PHG PH3300 Quirky Circuits $49.95

ASM SEV14 7 Wonders: Wonder Pack Expansion $14.99

ZMG ZH004 Lift Off $59.99




Date: October 11th


New Releases


PHG PH3200 Abomination: The Heir of Frankenstein $59.95

Date: October 4th 

New Releases 

FFG AHB04 Arkham Horror: 3rd Edition - Dead of Night Expansion $29.95

Date: September 27th

New Releases

ASM FGUD01 Until Daylight $49.99

ASM OGR01 Ogre Under $19.95

ASM LDNV01 Ceylon $49.99

ASM LDNV02 Arkham Noir: Case #1 - The Witch Cult Murders $19.99

COL ZCS002 Zombicide: Invader - Black Ops Expansion $59.99

COL ZCS003 Zombicide: Invader - Dark Side (stand alone or expansion) $99.99

COL ZCS004 Zombicide: Invader - Survivors of the Galaxy Box Set $24.99

COL ZCS005 Zombicide: Invader - Tiles (12) $24.99

COL ZCS007 Zombicide: Invader - 3D Doors (11) $14.99

COL ZCS008 Zombicide: Invader - Deck Holders (4) $14.99

FFG AHC37 Arkham Horror LCG: The Dream-Eaters Expansion $29.95

FFG SWM31 Star Wars Armada: Rebellion in the Rim Campaign Expansion $29.95

LKG LK0108 Barenpark: The Bad News Bears Expansion $29.99

LKG LK0110 Foothills $39.99


Date: September 20th 

New Releases 

ASM GG1001 KeyForge: Exoshields Tournament Sleeves (40) $3.99 

ASM GG1002 KeyForge: Inner Sleeves (40) $1.49 

ASM GG1003 KeyForge: Logo Sleeves - Blue (40) $5.99 

ASM GG1004 KeyForge: Logo Sleeves - Red (40) $5.99 

ASM GG1005 KeyForge: Logo Sleeves - Black (40) $5.99 

ASM GG2001 KeyForge: Vault - Red $34.99 

ASM GG2002 KeyForge: Vault - Blue $34.99 

ASM GG2003 KeyForge: Vault - Black $34.99 

ASM GG2004 KeyForge: Deck Book - Red $14.99 

ASM GG2005 KeyForge: Deck Book - Blue $14.99 

ASM GG2006 KeyForge: Deck Book - Black $14.99 

ASM GG2501 KeyForge: Aries Deck Box - Red $2.99 

ASM GG2502 KeyForge: Aries Deck Box - Blue $2.99 

ASM GG2503 KeyForge: Aries Deck Box - Black $2.99 

ASM GG2504 KeyForge: Gemini Deck Box - Red $4.99 

ASM GG2505 KeyForge: Gemini Deck Box - Blue $4.99 

ASM GG2506 KeyForge: Gemini Deck Box - Black $4.99 

ASM LBOB01 Obscurio $49.99 

FFG GT51 A Game of Thrones LCG: 2nd Edition - Long May He Reign Chapter Pack $14.95 

FFG L5C22 Legend of the Five Rings LCG: The Children of Heaven Dynasty Pack $14.95