Renegade Game Studios' Free Demo Table Incentive!

In order to support game stores during the important holiday season, Renegade Game Studios has announced a program to offer free demo tables to stores who stock up for the holidays.

These branded promotional tables are sturdy, colorful, light, and easily transported to events or other locations in the store. This is a co-sponsored exclusive program with Alliance Game Distributors. 

For every $1000 (wholesale) of Renegade product purchased through Alliance, a store will receive a demo table (when they become available in October). Note: In stock items, must be ordered on one PO, $1000 wholesale cost.

Renegade's Director of Sales and Marketing, Sara Erickson, announced this new program during the Alliance Open House on September 9th. Erickson explained that "Demo tables are an essential sales tool for board game focused stores. Games should be a beautiful, tactile experience, not just sealed boxes on a shelf. Customers want a chance to see what's inside, but demo tables can be a very costly addition to a store. We wanted to make it easier for stores to acquire demo tables before the holiday season." 

Contact your Alliance Account Associate to place a qualifying order.

Available Now!

RGS 00378 Apotheca: The Secret Potion Society $40.00
RGS 00576 Atlas: Enchanted Lands $20.00
RGS 00539 Brick Party $25.00
RGS 00519 Bullfrogs $30.00
RGS 00531 Castles of Caladale $30.00
RGS 00552 Clank! A Deck-Building Adventure $60.00
RGS 00569 Clank!: Sunken Treasures Expansion $25.00
RGS 00511 Covert $60.00
RGS 00517 Dicey Goblins $25.00
RGS 00543 Doggy Go! $20.00
RGS 01692 Double Feature: The Movie Game For Everyone Card Game $20.00
RGS 00565 FLATLINE: A FUSE Aftershock Game $50.00
RGS 00572 Flip Ships $40.00
RGS 00506 Flip the Bird $12.00
RGS 00504 FUSE $30.00
RGS 01614 Gravwell: Escape from the 9th Dimension $35.00
RGS 00567 Honshu $25.00
RGS 00536 Kitty Paw $20.00
RGS 00377 Knee Jerk $12.00
RGS 00558 Lanterns: The Emperor's Gifts Expansion $20.00
RGS 00502 Lanterns: The Harvest Festival $35.00
RGS 00527 Lotus $30.00
RGS 00585 Raiders of the North Sea $50/00
RGS 01481 Rofl! $35.00
RGS 00573 Sentient $55.00
RGS 00563 Shiba Inu House $20.00
RGS 00508 Snow Tails $55.00
RGS 00554 The Blood of an Englishman $15.00
RGS 01702 The Doom That Came to Atlantic City $75.00
RGS 00574 The Fox in the Forest $15.00
RGS 00529 World's Fair 1893 $40.00