Last Night on Earth: 10th Anniversary Edition

When night begins to fall on the sleepy, rural town of Woodinvale, the shadows and fog rolling in bring with them more than just a chill shiver.

A living nightmare erupts as the once peaceful community is overrun with the restless dead, scratching and clawing their way to the surface with an insatiable hunger for human flesh!

Now only a handful of unlikely heroes are left, banding together to fight for their very lives. On a night that never ends, the only thing worse than death is becoming infected!

Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Last Night on Earth, this limited Deluxe Edition of the original board game of zombies, small town heroes, and horror movie action includes the classic cast of eight Heroes, as well as new playable Hero versions of four of the original Townsfolk, a plastic Old Truck to escape in, plastic pieces for several of the markers, some new scenarios and cards, rules for Fire and the Experience System (first introduced in Timber Peak), and a brand-new Last Night on Earth Rulebook.

Last Night on Earth: 10th Anniversary Edition

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FFP 0110 - (CAN)

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