Arcadia Quest: Inferno & Whole Lotta Lava Expansion

If You Can't Take the Heat, Get Out of the Inferno!

The people of Arcadia have always sought peace whenever possible, but they will defend their home with ferocity when threatened. In Arcadia Quest: Inferno, players will lead their Guilds of Heroes into the fiery hot depths below the city to face the evil Underlord and end his dastardly plans before they start.

Going down into the infernal depths presents the heroes of Arcadia with a new set of challenges and opportunities, in the form of Damnation! This dark power permeates everything in Inferno, and daring heroes may want to use it to their advantage (and face the consequences). Weapons and equipment found in Inferno may become more powerful if a hero takes Damnation, while monsters may offer the choice of taking Damnation instead of wounds (or flat-out dealing Damnation to their target).

However, accumulating Damnation may come at a high price. Some Upgrades are more effective against heroes with Damnation, some monsters more powerful against them, and specially Brimstone cards scattered throughout the scenarios may activate monsters to attack heroes who dabble too much in the dark powers!

Both a standalone adventure and an expansion for Arcadia Quest, Inferno engages 2-4 players in the ultimate battle against evil (and sometimes each other).

Introducing four new Guilds (Sharks, Tigers, Crows, and Serpents) and new types of heroes, such as Alchemists and Gladiators, Inferno comes jam-packed with enough Heroes, monsters, scenarios, and adventures to keep players gaming until the last foe has fallen.

Deep in Inferno under the city of Arcadia, fire and rocks come together to form lava. That's also what created Ignos, the son of a Fire and Earth Elemental. With a fiery temper, he hates when anyone wanders into his territory. And that's just what the Heroes have done on their way to take on the Underlord. Whoops!

Arcadia Quest: Inferno - Whole Lotta Lava

Whole Lotta Lava brings two all-new scenarios to use during an Arcadia Quest: Inferno campaign, two Hellcat figures, one Fallen Angel figure, one Ignos figure, and new quest and reward cards.


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Arcadia Quest: Inferno

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