No Thank You, Evil! RPG: Uh-Oh, Monsters!

Olivia is a Super Smart Princess who Experiments With Science. Rowan is a Cool Robot who Plays With Ooey Gooey Things. They just found out that their friend Wiffle has been captured by saw-toothed witches deep in DragonSnot Falls! They're the only ones who can enter Storia and save Wiffle - how will they do it? It's all up to them!

In No Thank You, Evil!, a tabletop roleplaying game of make-believe, adventure, and storytelling for creative young minds and their families, you create a character based on a couple of cool, descriptive, imagination-firing traits. The Guide (a special role often played by a parent or older sibling) presents a dilemma, and the players set off on an adventure of the imagination.

Along the way you use your character’s special skills, companions, and equipment to overcome obstacles. Maybe you’ll rescue a friend from Dragonsnot Falls, save the world’s biggest adventure park from an ancient curse, or fix Whizbang’s broken time machine before it’s too late!

Whatever you choose, you’re sure to solve mysteries, gain friends, confront bad guys, and have a wild adventure! Scalable rules adapt easily to the abilities and interests of kids from five on up, so everyone can play together. How will your adventure play out? Your options are limited only by your creativity.

So grab your 'I Gotchyer' Back Pack, call your companion, and take your imagination on a fantastic journey into Storia, a land of adventure!

Shield yourself and your companions from the yowls of a Cattywampus while retrieving a magical tome! Hypnotize a Bunnyfu to sneak into a forbidden garden filled with carrots that will give you super powers! Or, make a new friend that just so happens to be a Rainbow Nibbit! Uh-Oh, Monsters! introduces four complete adventures for No Thank You, Evil!, plus loads of monsters, humans, aliens, robots, and other walking, talking, fighting, biting creatures you'll encounter in Storia. Visit the Monster Museum, discover quirks, and learn how to make your own monsters.

Uh-Oh, Monsters! also includes creature cards to add to the deck from your original No Thank You, Evil! game, and colorful, sturdy creature standups to use at your game table.

No Thank You, Evil! RPG: Uh-Oh, Monsters!


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