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Adventure Time Card Wars in Stock! Get the Deck Checklists!


The first cases of the Adventure Time Card Wars reprint of the Finn & Jake (CZE 01558) and BMO & Lady Rainicorn (CZE 01781) Collector Packs are arriving at stores as we speak.

The exciting news first: The wait is finally over for everyone wanting to pick up one of these launch Collector Packs! Now the not-so-exciting news: Unfortunately, in the rush to get these out quickly, the factory made an error, and some of the intended cards were mixed up during the shrink-wrapping process. Cryptozoic is quickly printing a Deck Checklist insert for the next wave of inventory shipping to stores next month. In the meantime, they are providing the official Checklist on their blog for everyone who is picking up these first Collector Packs on store shelves now. When opening these decks, take a minute to double-check your cards. We apologize for the incovenience.

Download the Decklist PDF for both Collector Packs Here!